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Sweet mystery, this way of love, it is always touching eternity. And here it is, right here as this gorgeous bread, fresh, warm from the oven. My heart is rich, steeped in the flavors of love. Rosemary and lemon, sea salt and salty lips. How extraordinary we are, we are this remarkable magic. This zesty beauty of Life is who we are. We are the story of one huge, bright, brilliant living, sublime message come alive. Alive to my touch, to taste, to feel it all. Life speaks to me in dancing, springing, galloping, smiling metaphor. It is tender and real, it is soft and kind, a world of symbolism lived. All of it to be felt, touched, seen, moving my soul, twinkling in my mind, gleaming light of my eyes. You and I, we the living joy of this experience of Paradise. Feeling it, right here, as close as I am, this heaven is here. I am taken by your sweet love, the holy pleasure, like good wine, feeling it warm within. It is so simple to be enjoyed. I am swept up and loved by this world of mine. We are the living glory. I am deluged in this wondrous brilliance, the living spectrum of infinity, looking at it all, displayed in ten thousand colors of the pure mind and reality of my soul. Here is the living brilliance of love. Love, I am living in the arms of love, I am the wild living brilliance of the impossible being lived.