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Holy wonders have been unleashed. The beauty of knowing when is found in the synchronized rhythm and vibrant chords of the universe strumming its tune with heavenly strings. Sometimes a surprise. Sometimes, time will tell. The Holy Alchemist is moving it all. Purple trails, gleaming in the golden sunset are painted upon the mind of this living sacred mystery. Camping out under the stars, singing songs in the open space of this seamless, flowing, flighty, vaporous communication. Something new is transpiring. The gateway between the two has been unlocked. Can you feel it? We are the Light of information, moving on currents of Infinite Intelligence, the endless Mind of the Divine Impossible. Impossible – and yet, here it is. We are this world that lives as boundless, porous, seeping, oozing sweetness between conscious time and dreams, a fine blend of perfection. We are the genius of the Incomprehensible imagination living here in the ethers of this wondrous liminal and the deep imaginal realms. We are here, painting on the biggest canvas of a huge cosmic connecting tapestry of woven Light, twined with the unseen colors of the unknown artist, the magician of love. It’s gonna show up in it’s unlimited array of watery hues dripping with wonder. Springtime rain and cross pollenating with the sacred blue, lavender and yellow sprinkling in this living garden of synchronicity. I’ll be here, riding on luck, chance and enjoying every luscious minute of it