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How beautiful. How very beautiful it all is. Beauty is the divine messenger speaking to my heart, singing to my soul. It comes unsolicited and just smiles at me, here in my heart. It is all teaching me, every moment of it all. I look out and about to see the flowers blowing in the wind. Springtime arrives and the hills, the mountains are filled with this bountiful joy. This beauty of Life moves me deeper into the holy mystery. In this silvery morning light, in the stillness of this childlike wonder, I hear the happy song of the Infinite expressing in the soft colors of love. My heart rests serenely, watching the flowers dance with the light, the same knowing light that fills my eyes with its love. This paradise of peace, this heavenly garden within me, it captivates me in its gentle whimsy and wonder. Here, as this little girl again, come the visions of invisible kingdoms that shine and glimmer with tender, loving, pink and lavender laughter. This divine laughter is the presence that sets me gently free. Yes, how beautiful this softness of my soul, it is so very strong in its innocence. It is fearless and defenseless and yet protected even as it is so open, alive, bare and vulnerable. I am in awe of this pure heart of the Child. Such extraordinary strength in the most tender, delicate, and mysterious power of love.