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It happens, the Light dawns and Joy comes alive when we realize the Divine Mind is this tangible World we are Living. In the wonder and magic of it all, we find the open space where the Child of us is able to see this easily and Lives It very naturally – How beautiful. Thank you William Samuel for pointing me in the right direction, back to my Self, my own most marvelously divine, innate nature and beauty. In his work he noted this Child as the divine imprint – we all have this, we come to this world with it. We wander far from this Divine Inner Child, we cover it up and forget – and then, somehow, one day, we find it again, we uncover it again and It comes alive, fully, joyfully alive again. All our senses become acute, we are open, here, fully touching Life. We feel like we did as children, but this time we know and know we know. This second time around, we know because we know what it was like when we’d lost touch with this little child of ourself. It was not good. Now, with the Child’s return, the world is seen with new eyes, it all becomes heavenly, twinkling, magic, sweet, romantic, lovely, tender, marvelous, free spirited, untamable – as it is understood – right here, right before our very eyes