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We can find our Joy and freedom once again, when we find our pristine childlike identity. The Child of us sits next to Reality, the Living Divine Intelligence of Life Itself. The Child of us knows in mystical ways, understands things that are way far beyond the limited confined, educated, indoctrinated brain stuff.

Anyone can find the Child. After all, we were all children once. The Child is the Real of us. it is the divine and eternal soul of us, always present and always awaiting our recognition. It lives fully aware of Itself as the unbound expression and joy of the absolute presence, here and now.

The Child of us knows how to live in this world and knows what we need to do while here. Life becomes sweet and easy, we become fearless, and life is simple, once again. We know nothing can change or alter the infinite beauty, light and truth of who we are and what really is. We discover that even death is powerless.

From this clear and holy Light, we know everything all right. We learn to let others be, do it there way, knowing that it is from the hard teachings we learn in the most wonderful way. To learn first hand, directly who we are- and who we are not. In letting go, we find our fearless joy. In love with Life, and we feel the wonder of it all.