Posted by on Feb 4, 2019 in Sandy's Blog | Comments Off on Wild Beauty

I am reminded of my days as a child. When the weather would get stormy, I would eagerly head for the ocean, to the cliffs above the sea. I would stand and watch in excitement and wonder, the mystical beauty of it all. There, on the high ground, I would take in all that radiant light and the sounds of the pounding surf below. My long hair tangled by the winds, and my skirt avidly trying to billow out from under my jacket. A little girl, eager to feel it all, entranced by the immense power of the dark grey churning ocean, tasting the salty air touching my face and lips. I was captivated by the vast beauty that enveloped me.  My feelings, my senses, alive and alert, bathed in the sights and sounds of this divine light. The silver gleaming, iridescent clouds, shifting and moving with the splendor of streaming rays in heavenly beams spreading their radiant glory across the sky. The storm would pass, the earth was refreshed, the sea gulls would call out in joy.

And though the years have gone by, I am that child again. She has returned to me. She knows how to stand, daring, untouched and unafraid of all the wild beauty Life brings. She stands again on the high ground watching this magic of life, this untamed world of infinite beauty. Excited and filled with wonder by this entire adventure of it all, every amazing moment of it all. Steady and easy, she is with me, and I feel the winds blow and waves come and go – all a part of this magical miracle that rests upon this Grace that has found me.