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The eager enthusiasm of this childlike heart that just wants to try it, is the unconditioned soul of us. The Child is the pure, unadulterated, divine blue-print of ourself, before we came into this time-space-measurable world and got the ‘heart of wonder’ knocked out of us. We are the Child, we are forever the Child, we are bold, and daring, and so very beautiful in our authentic, guileless innocence. This is the way Love lives in the world, open and happy, eager and curious,┬áin wonder and joyful expectations — wanting to try, wanting to see what happens. The Child knows without doubt, that only Good will transpire from out of whatever seems to be the situation or even the seeming obstacles. This heart bursting with excitement, whatever it is, propelled by an optimism, knowing it is Good, because Life Is Good. This unbound, fearless Child we are is fully aware of the Presence of this Immeasurable Divine Light that Lives as all measurable things. It is the Living Light, the One That Is and Always Was and Always Will Be. We are the Living Evidence of the Unknowable, Immoveable, Still Light, that is nowhere absent, everywhere present. There is only One, the essential, Invisible, Unknowable Infinity of Zero Point Light and It is here, right now, in our eyes. –