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There is something magical about this book “The Child Within Us Lives!” by William Samuel. We find ourself understanding things intuitively. As William says “Illumination is not a myth, it comes like all things sublime, it creeps into the conscious awareness of the willing and childlike. It enters on kitten’s feet, unannounced. It comes as the prophet said, “…here a little, there a little.”
“But how do we know when we KNOW?”
We find ourselves with the Answer.”

And this is true. As we read this most remarkable book, it brings the light of understanding to us even when we think we don’t understand a word of it. Yet, Something is awakened, Something within us that clearly does understand this honest message. A glimmer of Reality, the Light we are, sparks within the pages of this book, shines upon our true selfhood and little by little, our perspective is changed. The intellect is subdued, and the Heart hears the message.

We find the Light within us that reveals the reasons behind the harsh and painful appearances in the world. And the Reason beyond that. We feel the unbound Joy, like a child, once again. As this marvelous childlikeness and simplicity arrives, we are liberated, set free while Its protecting Power of another kind takes care of us, shows us the way, guides us through the labyrinth of the world. Now, we see the world from this expansive, yet so very personal third position. From this open, easy freedom, here, in the knowing of ourself, fully, wholly here, the world becomes rich, and deep, meaningful, wondrous and beautiful again. We are walking, playing, touching, feeling it all, in love, in the meadow of delight, always here, on holy ground. Nothing left out, as all three stages of perception are perfectly happening at once, synchronized like a grand symphony of Love, leading us with intuition, toward true wisdom and understanding. It’s remarkable. –