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Starlight twinkles and dances upon the infinite heavens, joyful in their radiant splendor. The song plays, the words make me smile. Yes, it’s true, I love you just the way you are. Sweet world of mine. Dear Life, this bountiful experience of being is a many faceted gem, prisms of colors, sparkling in my eyes, dazzled at each moment. Everything gleams of gold, blue, green, pink, red, silver, yellow. I am in holy hands, held in the living beauty of Life. Enchanted by all its many changing visions, its vibrant luminosity. I am alive with the wonders of this magic.

Love, the elixir of divine beauty pouring through this heart of mine. Here, I am touched by this unbound omniscience of eternity playing love songs to me. The glowing crimson of joy and the deep sanctity of azure run together across the midnight sky, hand in hand, laughing, in love. I am filled with these illuminations flickering playfully over the dark, silent, stillness of the night. And then this celestial sound rings clear through me – knowing everything that needs to be known, is known, precisely when it needs to be known.