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God, Reality, the Source of all that is, is the living principle of mathematics, music and words. Everything is related to sound and vibrations. Everything comes from an unseen Perfect Principle. We are the oscillating frequencies of this absolute Love. This Divine Principle lights the fire and kindles the flame within us. We are the joy of this Absolute pristine, pure Light. We are the Holy Trinity. Life is the living experience of spirit and matter in love. We are the beloved lover of the Divine. The heart sings with silent rapture as we realize our own ascension is here, always here as the very self we are, just as we are. We are anointed in the sacred realization of this Eternal Love that lights our very being.  Our spirit, our mind, our soul, our heart collides with matter, form and spirit, enamored, come together and the two are transformed into the wholeness of Life. Tossed into this living ecstasy of embrace, we merge, meld in union with the Divine. We are submerged in love, right here, with two feet on the ground, right here in this tangible world of time and matter, this and that, you and me, we are anointed by this Living Love. We reverberate like a timpani, we are the percussion of thundering sounds, notes, numbers. We exist in this place where music is born, the exploding fantasia of Infinite Love.

We are lovers in this ongoing interface, the alchemy of chemistry between the spirit and matter. We are the bridge, the conduit, blending as one, bringing the Light into the world through the power of Love.

In the moment before the number is written, before the chord is plucked, before the words that link the invisible to the seen, here we are, as the space between the tick and the tock of time. Our world where love is danced. Here as the whole wild rhythm of eternity, I can hear the grand ensemble of the stars that sing to me in the night as my heart beats to the sweetest memories of foreverness and the magical power of everlasting love.