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My nature is to not be a follower or a leader. I sense that the collective, the herd mentality, is always going the wrong way. So I naturally try to find another way, an alone way. I like doing it my way. It’s taken good care of me. Seems we find uncommon, but honest and loving answers, when trust in our own, unconditioned, illimitable Heart of Intelligence. This inner guide is our Original Self, it is the pristine Soul of ourself. We can uncover this pure Light of our Self, right here, right now. This discovery of our Real Identity makes all things new. It’s always here. This childlike way of being flows with creative, unbound, fearless joy; it is the Real of who you are. There is another dimension, right here, it is deep and real. It comes to be seen clearly with a slight shift of view point. We change our view of who we are and the tangible time-space scene changes with us. We are taken from the limited, restrictive and fearful into the living, expansive and boundless freedom. It’s a bit like those magic eye paintings where a clear picture appears out of an abstract overlay. We see our world in the Light of a new way of our own being. The pure Light that shines behind this whole world of ours, arrives on the scene, whole, bright and clear, as we make a slight conversion of our sense of Identity. We shift in our minds eye from the limited idea of ourself, to leap, bravely trusting, into the wild, daring to live from this inner vision of the Greater Light of ourself. It happens in a split nanosecond and leads us to the wide open fields of unbound beauty. We lift our view and we lift our world. I love this Life and I love you.