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You know, when I write about me, I am writing from the Heart of you as well. I hope you all realize this. No one is outside of Life. We are one Light, one Heart, one ageless, timeless, eternal Child living here in the world of time and matter. Each and everyone of us is a beautiful expression of the Divine experiencing a world of ongoing relationship. How very magical this sweet Life is. The Joy of Living, interconnected, up close, open to the Mystery, trusting in the Infinite Totality and Allness of Life. The joyful freedom of the Child is the very Soul of you, it is always yours, always you. You and me and a world of magic. We discover, uncover the Light and Beauty of our Heart, we find the unconditioned Child we are. We are living the unbound joy of Infinity, the radiant splendor of existence, beaming bright in all ways, beaming in Love. And the Beauty shines, right here, just the way you areĀ