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We fall in love with the wondrous beauty of our own heart. We find ourself to be the twin flame, the soul mate, the lost love we longed for. We find it’s not the other person, it is ourself that completes us. I am the one I left for another. It was me, I left myself, way back then, long ago. And I am the one who comes home, returns, I come back to me. A lovely surprise, my beauty is the radiance that shines, in love with Life again. We find ourself reconciled, at peace in this perfect love, feeling the chemistry within ourself, as this love grows strong and blooms, here, within us, once again. We begin opening to Life like a flower in┬áthe spring time garden of our world. We feel the boundless joy of being in love with this wild, beautiful, Soul of ourself. This alchemy of love blends in warm delight within us, we rise up, pulling close into this feeling of divine splendor. Aligned within myself, I rest in the sanctity of this authentic wholeness I am. Here in the joy of this faithful union within the heart, we fall in love with our Original Self and we cherish our world with an ease and tenderness that becomes a wonderland of miracles and magic. This divine union between spirit and matter, sparks the Light, ignites the Flame within. Now, our worldly relationships with those special loves in our lives, are filled with tender adoration, recognizing the divine magic of our tangible, earthly connections. In this holy communion with ourself, we feel the passionate surge of Life integrated with love, bare, uncovered and alive, touching the Sacred Mystery directly, all the senses reawakened in childlike wonder, once again. In this intimate holy matrimony within the secret place of our Heart, here we beget and give birth to the new born expression of ourself, innocent and pure, coming into the world, to live again. The Child is the pure joy of our own pristine Knowing and knowing we know. This Child lives, completing our inherent nature of the Holy Trinity, here, right here, as this Living Love we are.