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Life is a mystical trip. It is full of beauty and I am touched by all the sensual wonders. I am alive. I find that the most profound mystery. My mind rests gently in this richness of my heart. I am touching so close to heaven, here, right here in life. This deep, cool wellspring of pristine love holds me. I am open to this vast sea of the Divine, here, where the mysterious ships sail. I will gently drift in the light of lustrous moonbeams and dance to the swaying liquid love that moves me. Easy joy it is to slip gently over the blue watery depth of the wonder I feel. I will reach new lands and wander strange streets as I inhale the euphoric scents that drift through the air. I hear the music, it fills me with sweet joy and lifts my soul. Here, in this marvelous magical world, I find treasures of bejeweled holy gifts. I am in love, this love that shines in my heart warms me with the exquisite radiance and dazzling beauty of precious gems. I am never alone. I feel this living love and happiness in all that I do and all that I am. I hold this love and it’s sweet delights, gently here in my heart and I keep it close, safe with me always. When the time is right, when I return, when I see you again, I will give all these gifts of my heart to you.