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A cosmic night in the moonlight. The cold air of wintry waves breaking on the shore. Moon glows opalescent, bringing this sweet peace, here in the magic open space of our own Living Infinity. Bright and full of wonder, feeling alive with divine expectation, this is the Love that Life is. Expecting joy, seeing our world with the eyes of innocence, in the Light of pristine anticipation – Ah yes, we look again, and see it all, overflowing with exquisite beauty. I see the reflections of moments and memories in your eyes. This illumination fills us with the very knowing from whence these wondrous images have come. We are full of amazement, curious, wondering what will happen next. Whatever happens, it is something good, because what is Real is Good. Letting our hair get tangled with the moonlight and spun by the salty wind, we are lifted higher, swept along, moving on – moving on with this most magical, marvelous world of ours. –