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This open, unrestrained, gentle Child of ourself is the Real Identity we are. This Child is the Soul of us, it is like the photon, everywhere at once. It lives right up close to Reality. When we find the Child within ourself, we move easily with the currents of this changing tangible experience of time and matter. We are not afraid to live fully, daringly from this Light of the Child, it is a pure and divine Intelligence. It is an Intelligence that is revealed to the Heart of us. An Intelligence that is instinctive, trustworthy and true. Out of this Intelligence, creative new thoughts and ideas are revealed. We understand the big picture and we know Real things and we find the tangible means to do what we need to do. These revelations that come to us, begin to flash around the world in a twinkling of magic. Then, one day, we look out at the world and see the marvelous evidence of this understanding coming to Life within everyone. This Child is pure in heart, innocent, honest, bright and it knows what Love is. From this direct connection comes right action lived. Now, with this abiding Light established as our inner guide, we live without any intermediary, be it popes, or potentates, mullahs, gurus, over-lords or controlling governments. Now we know and know we know. The only authority in our life is the one within ourself. We have found Something genuine and It proves Itself by the very living of It. Then, here a little, there a little, precept upon precepts, as this twinkle of magic is discovered by each of us, one by one, we will look out at our world and see this inner Light of Living Intelligence manifest as a world at peace, in love, living in abundance and the exquisite freedom of knowing our True Identity. Our deepest realizations lift the clouds of confusion and reveal a world of happiness, fulfilled through the Heart of our very own connection to this Living Light of Reality, the All That Is.-