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Looking out my living room window on a rainy day. I am always enchanted by beautiful prisms of twinkling light sparkling through the beveled glass. Radiant magic in dripping glimmers of sunshine dancing with the rain clouds.

One day, long ago, I made this most wondrous discovery. I had come face to face with life and death and right there, at that most mystical moment, I saw it all. I saw Life, clearly, fully, and Life showed me directly that death is not real, death is impossible, Life has no opposite – and my life was changed at the deepest level, forever. I saw the Omniscience of Living Light, it was pristine, exquisite, and glorious. There was no doubt, so I leaped straight into Life. As I opened my heart to embrace the entirety of this vision, I was swept up by the Reality and Power of Love. It took me. And Life began to flow through me, like a river of unending joy. It moves, it lives, it is intrinsic as the very Self of me, and it takes me along in Its ongoing, unfolding, ever present living beauty. Love is the very Soul of all that we are, It is Life Itself, here, being who we are. Here we are, immersed in the sacred and holy, even when we don’t know it. Here we are, soaked in love, here, right here, to enjoy the miracles of this ever ongoing, living, marvelous wonderland of sublime and holy magic