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This tangible world we live, is our own natural evolution going on – not the Darwinian kind, but more like blooming into our fullness. We are like the roses, the flowers, the exquisite delight of Nature. We are experiencing the destined unfolding of ourself, blossoming into the fullness, the wholeness of who we are. Reaching up and out of the earth, growing forth. The bud closed up tight for a time, closed up, secure, until the strange disquiet begins and stirs the little bud – and moves it bursting into fullness. The bud not knowing what is to come, is moved, restless, anxious, pushing into the unknown. Soon, one by one, the buds come into full bloom. Here in the shadows, in the little garden of Paradise, the flickering sunlight through the the shade of the trees, keeping this ongoing, balance, the equilibrium of this nature we are. Now the buds are beginning to blossom into all their glory. I’m breathing in the scent of this holy and divine fragrance wafting into the crisp, bright morning air. I see the glory of velvety petals opening in colors that cause the spirit’s bliss. Soon, full bloom into what we always have been, the faithful beauty of the rose within the seed. We are the Joy of Nature. To delight in the sun, the rain, the dark moist earth, the seasons, the planets, the stars, the sky, the buzzy honey bees, the birds that sing. Nature is in love and love is God’s nature. Love is seen in the balance of nature. Nature is perfect equilibrium. Balance being the central law of all tangible nature. Every evidence of ecology proves this. Delicate but perfect balance twixt ocean, shore and sky. Our tangible nature is the evidence of the Unseen Presence of God. Or to say, nature is God in evidence, God become tangible. There is One All and one nature – our own nature, here and now. I, you, we are both evidence and witness of the evidence. I cannot think of anything more joyful than to know what we are, to run with it and to delight in the Living of It. And exactly why I rejoice and sing my heart’s song, because I cannot do or be other than my nature, true to the heart of what I am. Nothing to correct, nothing to fix, nothing to change – only to let it be, and watch this rose garden bloom –