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I hear a song in my heart. I always have. A song of life, a song that soars through the sky, lifted on the winds of stormy seas and crashing waves against the high cliffs. Sometimes soothing, like sounds of rain’s patter on the roof. A symphony that changes, moves me with its thundering beat, then eases and lilts in a tender lullaby. It is a song before time. A song moving on a river of joy that runs through me. It comes from a time and place I once knew. It sings to me and allows me to feel this joy that I cannot contain. I am caught in the sounds of this living music, its beauty strummed in chords of lightness, laughter, and the soft glitter of sunshine flickering through the trees. The passion and brilliance of the notes turn into colors that appear beyond eyesight. Here in the world we are touching dimensions unknown. Living in this mystery, but not fully aware that it is here, until we turn our attention to it. The slightest wisp of gauzy mist separates us from this hallowed realm of this joyous, dancing, knowing delight of ourself, our divine soul, we feel it again – it returns as this living freedom. So near to it, we are touching it and knowing our timeless beauty. We can feel the powerful surge of the wonders of existence flowing here, through this sweet, precious heart of ours. We let it all in, we let this clarion sound fill all space and time. We have no choice, as love and loss breaks our heart wide open. Through out broken heart we hear, once again, the happy harmonies that lead us to the high vistas of ourself, to the overflowing thankfulness for it all. We find our way home through this exquisite gift of life and loss and love.