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Beautiful – It’s raining. It rained all through the night again. The earth is soaked. The mist in the air this morning is filled with a heavenly light. There’s even a dappling of snow on the peaks of the Topa Topas.
Earlier this morning, I walked outside, protected under the roof that’s over the patio in the back garden. I watched the rain come down. It was quite torrential for a moment. And how sweet the air, fresh and enriched by these heaven sent waters. I think I can feel the happiness emanating from all this living nature.
I see a glimmer of sunshine coming through the grey. A sparkling light shines a joyful glory, as the silver rays begin to gleam with a holy radiance upon this ever changing wonderland of life.
Touched by the divine magic, knowing a Light beyond the measurable light and Life beyond this tangible life, the Life and Light that we are, the Life and Light that always was and will forever be. In my visions I live. There is no logic or reason here, my mind is stunned as it falls off the cliff, into perplexity, the unknown has taken me into the arms of this living, awesome Mystery.
My sweet enchantment. How I do adore this bliss of not knowing. Standing open to what ever will be. I come to the edge and ride down the swirling spin of life, moving through the deepest pool of holy waters. I am being swallowed by this most charming mystery, the mystery of this beautiful Self I am, this extraordinary realization, I and my world are one -You and I, we are the world we walk through.
Such love it is, I shall sail on, I am the sweet sailor and I am filled with the Infinity of endless love.