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In my own experience I gotta say that this most marvelous freedom found me when I opened my heart to feeling, touching, intimately loving this whole joyful experience of Life. One day it all became sweet and easy. I stopped seeking and started feeling it all. I feel like I am 7 years old again. Back then, when I was a little girl, I was not afraid of anything. I was not guilty, I was not worried, I was not concerned with the world nor did I feel responsible for the world. I was bold and joyful and alive. That little girl, that sweet love of mine, she is back, once again. It was the discovery, or recovery of my beautiful self, the pristine, innocent Soul of myself. I saw it clearly, this unbound, infinite Life is who I am, there is nothing outside of All That I Am. This felt like I’d come home. Just like that. I fell deeply in love with all of it, with the Infinite Totality of Life Itself. And Life includes me, and you and all that we are. Life and Identity are One and Life is who and what I am. Now, I live up close, open to it all. There is a bright flame within me, it sparks and burns with passionate delight. Life is Beautiful and Real. I’ll embrace this entire experience of being. Life is to be lived and experienced, felt, loved in all it’s divine mystical wonder – It it divine. I am experiencing whatever flows in or flows out. Here I am, Living with my heart and my mind untethered to anything. I am Life Itself, the flame of Love, the Light of Being, the Joy of Existence. Life and I, you and I, all of that is, all that we are – we are the ageless, unconfined, thriving bounty of the Living Light of Life. I am free, the world is my sweet wildflower meadow and Life is a happy, magical experience, and a marvelous road trip of Love –