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I don’t know how to explain the way I came to find this joy that I feel. I do believe one thing that helped to uncover this divine Child within me, was to, quite literally, remember my childhood. To go back in my mind’s eye to when I was a little girl, and recall certain moments back then. Days at the beach, playing in the waves at Big Corona,  riding my bike down the hill and into town, family picnics at Trabuco Canyon in the heat of summer. So many memories come back to me now. Sweet sweet memories. It is good to reminisce, remember the scents, the air, the tastes, the senses of the child are so alive. Feel it. I think that helps us to awaken this holy Child, this Real of our self – that we can Live Again.  It is here and It is Real.  And the divinity of It, is that this Self of our self, it is not dependent on what happens here in the world,  good or bad, it is not subject to this world of time and matter.  This Child of us is resilient and so very intelligent. It does not need others to make it happy, to fulfill it in any way.  Yet so many loves and friends and joys and magical surprises that come along and embrace us.  This is the Way of Something Extraordinary.  My friend William Samuel wrote a wonderful book about this re-discovery or uncovering of this Child. He was the one who first pointed out to me, that to find the Child is essential. And I trusted him, and I found it and he was right.  Now, having lived this Child’s delight here in the world, it is my joy to write about It, speak of It and perhaps my words might encourage you to read William Samuel’s book “The Child Within Us Lives!” and thus, it might touch your heart too, and you will find your own childlike beauty and wonder and Live Again.  This Infinite Beauty you are, It is your pure identity, it is Real, it is you. It is fresh and pure and unaltered by all the twists and turns that come along on this wild road of time and space. Such is this exquisite Joy, knowing and being the soulful Beauty,  this Genuine Self we are. Loving and laughing because this Love is right next to Reality Itself,  unchanged, no matter what. This  living happiness is the Child, It is here, genuine and free. You can find this Light within you, it is your authentic Self, the one we were before we came into this world. I am still amazed, still tenderly moved by this sublime beauty of this Love. I live by it, and It shows me the way. –