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I like to take my chances, trusting Life with joyful anticipation of all good things. I’m in love with the magic of Life and the sweet surprises that come along – and they always do. Christmas is the season that fills our heart full of joy. This joy is the very soul of us. We are all children, enchanted by the twinkle of lights on the tree, red and green, gold and silver, ribbons lovingly tied around the colorful delight of wrapped presents. This world of sensual beauty is alive to this childlike wonder. We can enjoy feeling the sumptuous richness of it all. The scents of spices and evergreens, the aroma of cookies baking in the oven. The sound of burning logs crackling in the fireplace, the feeling of warmth, the textures, cosy comfort under the softness of cashmere blankets, and the tenderness of love that touches the heart, as Christmas songs play. Christmas tells us about the Light of Life, the Christ within us, the Child that is the Original Self of us, the anointed, scared Heart of us. We find the Gift of this Child, it’s right here, immutable, pristine and pure. This holy Child is ours and ours alone. We follow the Star of Wonder, we look for the heavenly signs, we see the Light as it leads us back to ourself.  We find the Child, here, in the creche within, here in the manger, the humble, real, earthy and unpretentious, open heart of us. The Child is the Immaculate Beauty of the pristine Soul of ourself. The three kings are the magical alchemy of the Holy Trinity of Love. We are awakened to our heritage of magnificence and wholeness. This recognition of our Self is the illumination that brings sweet peace and unbound freedom from fear. Christmas is the story of everyone finding the gift of the Child, messiah within.  Now, in freedom, this Child leads us through the world. We listen to the inner authority, our own impeccable, unchained Heart, and we celebrate Christmas for all the joyful wonder we are.