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 When I was very young, I was enchanted by Aesop’s fables, and the ancient Greek myths my mother would tell me all about. I gleaned the messages and loved the inspired Light within the words.  My love for philosophy was innate in me. I could detect the deeper meaning behind all the classic fairytales, perceive the secrets that were all about the power of love, the magic of courage, the treasures found in our own revelations that come from daring the fear, leaving the corral, leaping into the unknown, because we intuit that we will find this heart of gold – and then to discover the real gold was here, within us all the time. Magic and Beauty. In my early teens I soaked up the existentialists, Camus and Hesse. Henry Miller also comes to mind. So many, but I’ve forgotten, until reminded again, thank you. Then, I dove headlong into metaphysics, getting a bit lost between my heart and my intellect, thinking I had to let go of my love for myself and my love for magic and mystery. Eventually, it turned out that what I had been seeking was nothing like what I found. And what I found has been more wonderful than anything I ever thought it would be. Nothing lost along the way. I found myself, here again, I have come back – and what a joy, I am full of fairytales, magic and wonder, cowboys and moonbeams, brave hearts, daring pirate mysteries, high flying lovers, music of the spheres, stars and satin, and sparkles, skirts for twirling in cowgirl boots, six shooters and pink cashmere softness, holding you close, happy dancing, and soaring delights. I am the little girl I was. But now I know the beauty of this innocent and delightful child I always was and she knows she has been rediscovered and so she comes fully alive and thrives again, not afraid to be herself. Rebel rebel, full of giggles and love for this Sweet World. There is this beautiful Light that guides us while we are here, leads us home to ourself, the one who never left us. It really is always here, the divine and pure Light of an Infinite Love is being the Life and Light of All that is and All that we are. I need no more than this genuine knowing Heart of mine, this Soul of me, this Living Beauty that is with me always, it was always here, here, from the beginning. So, whatever we do, no matter how far afield we think we wander, we really never go anywhere, we never lose our Self. We are what we were looking for, steady and true, always here, safe and sound. And the sweet surprises keeping showing up as this magic never ceases to amaze me.