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Life and time, they come together, wed in the most beautiful, mystical and personal way, in this most marvelous, wondrous way. I soak in it’s precious mystery and the infinite depth of Life’s beauty. Living and being open and tender and vulnerable to this sweet world of mine, this keeps my spirit fresh and new. Living on the breath of divine laughter, precious and easy, both at the same time. Time – take your sweet time.

The high view understands the Timeless Infinity of Life, and with a sigh of relief, we are touched by the feeling of freedom, anointed by the deep abiding holy mystery of it all.  

Something in me tells me time has no power and time is here for my enjoyment. It serves an amazing purpose, it is an aspect the Infinite and therefore, a mystery, an experience to be felt, explored, embraced, enjoyed. I am playfully enamored with it all.

What a precious gift this world of time is. We create, we imagine, we laugh, we learn, we grow and change, we shine, we love, we wish, we reach, we cry, we know – we are beautiful and we are living Love’s Eternity. Sailing on, sailing higher, sailing free.

This year, every year, every moment, ever new. Everything, every bit of it, because Love is – and Love is what we are.

And so, here we are, carefree, in childlike trust, living it all. Our daring souls filled with love, overflowing, frisky and enlivened, full of eager joy. Each of us shining with the Eternal Divine Light that radiates as the many faceted prisms of beauty we are. So, carry on, carry on with delight, as this happy new year unfolds in magic and splendor for us all.