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The moon casts it’s gossamer glow across the waters. The dark night is rich and soft as silky black velvet. The touch of its gentle holiness soothing her, taking her into the depth of wonder that pours over her. She watches the reflections of the moonlight dancing upon midnight’s beauty of an ever present abiding trust.  She is filled with passion and tears, as the brilliance of this silver moon romances her soul. Love takes her in, takes her close and her mind sails gently into this bliss of uncharted waters that move within her.  Her heart is her refuge, a gentle wellspring of pristine, pure love.  A holy silence bathes the room. Her lips taste the air, filled with the honey nectars of narcissus blooming outside her window in the wintry darkness.  Warm, wordless love holds her close, she is touching the living poetry of the divine. She is filled with the vast shimmer of infinite beauty where upon the mysterious ships sail on this sea of sparkling amber and gold.  The noble victor takes her hand, and holding close together, they ride upon the lustrous moonbeams and dance with the gentle sounds of the whispering wind in the trees. Her soul swaying in the liquid movement of love. Easy it is for her to slip willingly into the watery depth, the Mind of God, this Living Mystery.  Her visions reach new lands, as she wanders down exotic streets, in misty azure dreams, breathing the spicy aroma as she is filled with this warm, euphoric music floating through the air. The sounds of softness, rich colors of silky satin draped, dripping with shimmering light. Life fills her eyes, sprinkled with playfulness, as Love pours out its Everlasting Song. In this divine union she finds a bounty of treasures, sparkling, bejeweled gifts from heaven.  She is entranced by the exquisite radiance of these sacred, dazzling gems of supernal magic bestowed to her.  She keeps them tucked in her heart, close, cared for – and when the time is right, when she returns, when she is safe in his arms again – she will give them all to him.