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Something about laughter that I fall in love with. It is easy to be peaceful and playful, it is our nature to love and laugh. I’ve uncovered my heart. It stands here, out in the world, quite bare. But the thing is, when my heart is vulnerable and open, I am so very up close to Life, right next to Reality,  touching the Infinite. God and I, we have lots of laughs. Life, Light, Colors, Music, Love, here, right up close to you and me and all that we be. Love is the Life I am. Love is the Life of the party.  Such a bright delight, this star of wonder keeps shimmering atop the Evergreen, here in my heart, eternal Tree of Life. We have a choice. We can all be old sour faces, grumping a miserable tune of woe and angst, if we want to. I choose not to. I choose to love, to live, to embrace it all. My sweet world, so filled with wonders. All the thinking in the world won’t bring anyone happiness. You just have to let those butterflies out of the jar. Set them free. Let’s dance. I got my red shoes on. Let’s  play, that will be a lot more fun. Why not? Let’s see what happens. Bring on the love. Listen, everything can hear the music, the sound, the ring, rhythm, the pulse, the heart, the beat, the swing, the throb, the strum of love – everything is dancing. How about we rifle through ourself and try to count how many kinds of love we can find here. Life says do what you love and don’t do what you don’t want to. I dare say, that sounds right to me – seeing it, is being it. Being it, you know it – and knowing you know, that’s the freedom – that’s what brings the unbound delights to our heart, the pure light of guileless smiles and unending inspiration.  –