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The heart and the intellect work together in this human experience, but the heart is infinitely superior. And Love is always here. Love is ever present. The greatest of all gifts can often come out of the most devastating losses. Sometimes, when the heart breaks, we are open to what is Real. We come alive to Life Itself. Here, the Light shines in, out and through us. In the mist of undoing, we become fully aware of this Changeless Presence, the boundless Mystery. It is right here, the Mystery remains perfect and whole, unharmed. The heart feels the powerful stillness, we are open, barriers down, so close, fully aware of this timeless Mystery. I do not know what this Mystery is – I merely assert that because the Mystery exists, I am. 

Wintry Day — November 12, 2016
Crisp, brisk breeze, a cold day at the beach – the silence of winter, even in the sunshine of California there is this permeating quiet which moves like sonar as it touches the depths of my wonder and enchantment. Solitary, single and alone, this sweet call of a gull sings to me. I am the sound of the sea, the infinity of sky, the love that has no bounds. Walking along the wet seashore upon the glittering sands of eternity, and the edge of icy waters licking at bare feet. In the ebbing light of autumn days your shining beauty is with me. — In endless love, Sandy Jones