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How beautiful the vulnerable, open heart is when we hear it speak to us. This heart is wise, and honest and real. We listen to its Love song. We have become alive, bare, raw and exposed, as the fortress has been unlocked by the pure innocence, and the recognition of the glory and beauty we are. In this tenderness, we feel the heart yielding and allowing. Its resilience is its strength – Love finds its way in and through us.

Nothing ‘out there’ has the power to lift us up or take us down. The realization and freedom is always within ourself. Happiness is an inside job. It happens when we let Life take us, like a lover. We give in, trust the Presence of this Living Love that Life is. Love expresses in so many magical ways. Love is Life Itself. Life is not to be confined or defined. If we want to really be alive while we are in this world, then we let it be, let it be and see where it goes, moving in graceful integrity with all the twists and turns that Life might bring us.

Yes, Life is a wild thing, untamable and not in our hands. When we have let go any resistance to Life, in childlike expectant delight for it all, we find that Life is, in fact, being all the Love there is. And this Love begins to flow into us, through us, to be felt and enjoyed by us.  We have opened the gates, when we allow Life to be the way it is, not trying to make it fit what we want. Love is limitless. The heart, the Divine Self of us is rolling along on the River of Love, living, moving, total, when we are not afraid to let it be. Real life happens when we see and know the Beauty, Mystery and Infinity of our Self. When the heart is soft and easy, we come  up close to Life, we fall in Love with Life. This close, right here, intimate and open, we feel the powerful surging, living, pulsing in the deepest assurance of Love’s Presence as All That Is. Life is the Light of Divine Intelligence.

Every experience has been here for us to learn from. Now, we are pliable, carefree, childlike, wild, untamed, fearless, pure, pristine, guileless and free, now we feel the Infinite Joy and sweet laughter of this boundless Love and we touch the heart’s of those in our life as we live this Love.