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Trusting in the unknown, leaping into Life, that’s the living glory of genuine faith. Open to Life in all it’s infinitude, the Joy moves through us, lifts us upward, carries us higher. We find ourself able and willing, alive and embracing the wonders of this sense of limitation, matter and time. How very strange and beautiful, liberating and divine, to know the Infinite and feel the finite both at once. Within our Heart is a new view, balanced, serene, seeing both ways at once. Here in the middle of this timeless, edgeless Mystery, we find the wonder, the laughter, the joy of being, simply being. Here, right here, we find the living way, right here, always here. Seeing with the eyes of our Soul, we are fearless, steady and clear, here, we are fully and wholly free within ourself. Knowing the limitless Self of ourself we live this open hearted beauty we are. Now, the living evidence shines brightly revealing the unbound glory we are. We are perfectly aware that this Divine Mystery, the Light of Life, is being all things, including this marvelous experience of the tangible, glorious world we are. In the wholeness of myself, no one and nothing is outside of this exquisite Love we are. –