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This enchanting Child I was when I was little girl, she has come back to me. She is my Original Self. She touches spirit and matter and sees them as one, one world, one Isness, one God, one Reality being everything.

When we find our Original Self, we understand the world and we are no longer afraid to speak from our heart. The beauty of this, is that our words can often be unorthodox and exuberant. We cannot and will not be politically correct, nor indoctrinated by the collective, main stream thinking.

We have found a mind of our own. This Child has a connection to the living, ever present Divine Intelligence and so we are able now, to think in new ways, see everything in a new light. Now understanding the world, and the reasons for all that seems good and bad in the world. We have found the Tree of Life and though the shadows are still here, we know the shadow has no power.

This Child that we have found, it is ungoverned and ungovernable. We stand now, right here at the golden point, that perfect balance, strong and steady, honest and bright. Here we find our very self to be the closest thing to God.

We can trust ourself, because we know the Living Source of this Identity we are. It proves Itself to us as we live from this ongoing recognition of who we really are. Now life becomes seen in all It’s divine glory. I control no one and nothing, and yet all this, all this Love, it is all mine.

This Heart of us is in the middle, this is where we find that this entire Presence of Love, this Life we are, is both personal and impersonal, all at once, including both, while even greater than both.

I will watch the magic unfold. And the see the glory of this heavenly Meadow blooming right before my very eyes.

Life has become magical. I have touched upon holy ground, here within me. I see the kingdom as Life itself, everywhere, all around – the good and bad – all of it perfect. All of it, you and me, my love, all present and included in this divine, sensual, living Joy of God being everything.