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We are both matter and spirit at the same time. We exist objectively and subjectively, both at once. We live here in this objective world, in a body, in this time-space experience. We are also living subjectively, beyond the form, as the eternal Light and Ever Present Love, unbound and unbeholden to matter. Godhead is the one Identity being every aspect of Itself, as you and me experiencing God’s Self-Awareness.

Through the ‘eyes of the heart’ the temporal matter and eternal spirit are seen as one, time and the timeless eternal are one. When the two become one, there is a passionate divine union. Out of this mystical union, that happens deep within our own heart, comes the holy Child. The Child is the Third way of living and being. The Child is like our twin, the holy spirit of us, the Light of us that lives free from this time-space sense of things. Here, as the Child, we become the whole amazing wonder of it all. We are the living Joy, both in the world and beyond, we are the living, knowing, divine completion of the Holy Trinity.

Life is the all inclusive Allness of God. There is no other than This. Love is felt and understood by way of the Heart of us, not the intellect. God’s infinite Love is being the Light and Life of who we are, but none of us are ever going to be God. Only God is God. I don’t know much about God. However, this living Beauty of my Soul, the Child within my Heart, knows we are made in the image and likeness of God. My heart touches this Love, this Living Presence of Light – and this I can speak of because It found me and proves Itself to me as I live It. It is undeniable to me. This childlike Joy of being has taken hold of my hand and leads me through the world. This Love and Goodness proves Itself in the very Living of it.

This is Real. This Living Presence of Infinite Totality is the Light and Life being all things, being me and you, as tangible and as intangible, the two that one. Right here in the world, we become the Child again. We are balanced with an the easy sweetness and living the Joy with uninhibited, unbound Love for our world.