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This peace that comes to us when we live with our heart open and without motive is deep and trustworthy. This Light of ourself fills our  Heart with Living love and joy –  and does it beautifully. We can trust this unfolding magic, it is real and it lives. Living from the Light of this divine Presence of Life brings us all kinds of wonderful loving relationships. We love ourself as the unbound, unpossessed Love that Life is. And out of this motiveless peace, this spacious vision, we know the loving, balanced, thing to do, if there is something that might need our attention. As the simple, credulous Child, our happiness comes from within and we enjoy the beauty of the ever changing things of this world. When we find our Real identity, the Original Identity, the one we were before we came into this world, we find an all encompassing, immeasurable, genuine living Love.  This is a Love that is undefined and flows freely as Life Itself.  We find this Light of the Living Presence is being this very Life we are. Living becomes simple and easy because we are shown the way by the honest and real Light of who we all are. Love is not a commodity, not a measurable thing, not something we can possess nor can Love be taken from us. Love is the unpossessed Living Presence of God, the River of Life that is being all that I am, all that you are. I shall enjoy the sweet beauty of this untamable River that carries me.