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How profound this world is. Such Love this Life is. If we are willing, fresh, like a child – each of us is free to be true to ourself and find our own way through this world. Each of us can learn to live from this unbound, carefree Joy – if we choose to.

God does not interfere with our journey. The God I know is not a controlling force. God leaves it all up to us. That is the way of Love. Love allows and lets us do it our way. Like children learning to ride a bike. We learn from the bumps and bruises. And we know when we get it right. Isn’t that beautiful.

Like a sport, we learn to flow, balanced and easy, strong, agile, moving with this Divine Ocean, loving this untamed beauty that Life is. For this is love, sailing the open sea of Divine Light, moving upon the waters and letting it be what it will be. Life is unpredictable. I like it this way. There is this thundering energy that tells me I am alive and living. We cannot control the waves of this Ocean, but we can find the balance, the peaceful, buoyant grace of spirit that is capable of riding with childlike enthusiasm for whatever might be..

We are not possessors of Life. Life is being all that is and all that I am, all that you are. Life is Eternal. It has no beginning and no end. We are sailors, sailing on the wide open sea of the very Life and Light of our own sublime beauty.