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 I watch the magic as it all falls smoothly into place. The perfect synchronicity, it is moving as one. Life is like the melody and harmony blending to create the depth and wholeness of a love song. Transcending the limited view, happiness shines through. Kind of like flying and breaking through the clouds, up, up to where the ceiling and visibility are unlimited. Here, it opens out and everything  becomes bright and clear. Life, from the high point, I can see, as it all unfolds sweetly, tenderly, easy. This place, here between heaven and earth, this depth of my mind, this place in my heart,  I find this living honesty, and my joy arrives right here. Here, my marvelous world is dancing with me.  Life is magic. Life is love. Life and love reveal to me the very self I am, the very self you are. Never have I been any other than this that I am. There is nothing here that is more real than this, this that is the ever present Life I am. I am unpossessed by time and space. Yet my very soul holds all time and all space, all things, all thoughts, all that this wonderful world is.  Always here, always present. The joy happens when we recognize this all inclusive Presence as our very self.  Wherever we are, we are. I find myself. This is it.  This is where my joy is. This living light that shines so bright in the sacred heart is who I am. This self we are, it never leaves us.  I look around and see my world as my own beloved living beauty. This joy exploding as the Presence I am.  It finds me. I don’t know how or why, but it comes running to me, quickly, the moment I think of it, it is here, it is me.  It comes with peace, as I let it hold me, it comes to dance with me. Yes, I know, I am. And I do.  And so, I do it my way.  Trusting in this love that understands – and it always leads me aright.  Then – then this inner joy, this sweet, fresh, divine wellspring begins to flow.  Unbound Source of all that I am, this eternal fountain is tapped and the effervescence simply bubbles up – and I am free.