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Here is the love that is not dependent on what others do or don’t do. Here, is a happiness unchained from politics, unbeholden to what the government does or does not do. Here is a love that is fearless, it is free from concern about what others think of us, what they say or do. Here is a pure light that comes from within. This is a love that lives, immutable, irresistible, inspired, lively, fresh, clear, discerning, intelligent, spontaneous and real. This love, it comes from the very heart of this pristine Child that stands knowing the fullness of itself. This love, it comes from the very essence, heart and soul of us. This love knows and knows it knows. it is the very knowing of ourself. We live this living light of beauty, we live it outward from our heart – and when we do that, we look around and see our world changed. We see our world lifted up, reflected in this new light, and we see ourself shining in the beauty of the world we are –