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Oh yes, well, life is a perfect paradox, whole and complete in It’s exquisite, diametrically opposing, all inclusive Infinity. The complexities all functioning perfectly in sync. While yet it remains totally incomprehensible. Now if that ain’t the epitome of perfect, then I don’t know what is. Only something Supernal could pull this off. I am enchanted by this living joy of Life’s ever perfect constancy, filled with ambiguity and inconsistency. And it clearly includes me. Life is  being all that I am.

So, though I have a grip on nothing, I still know my own divine nature, my soulful unconditioned awesome glory. Mysterious and paradoxical as I might be.  I do know that we all have a heart, and if we listen to ourself, we have an intuitive soul. We do know what love is, because we know what love is not. That should be a good clue.  Our mind is capable of an expansive perception and recognition. It is always nimble and fully aware. I am totally aware, not partially aware, whether I know it or not. That’s a sweet freedom.  And I  realize all of us have something quite boundless here, a living intelligence, a mind that knows things, a mind rich and honest, fully alive, quick, agile, ever changing and real. It’s not something I do, or you do, and yet it is always here, just like this.

Now I just live here from this happy childlike heart that exists beyond all matter. And the paradox is, as much as I know your heart, that your self is a part of myself, I also know each of us must find our way back to ourself, alone. Dichotomy, split infinitive, the return home, is alone. We must go back to the heart, identity, wholeness, the knowing of who we are – all by ourself. Ahhh such is the pleasure of Self discovery, the great pleasure of doing it all by ourself. To be able to say “this is mine” and know. There is no way we can find our way home as collective.  No way government or religion can take us there.  And that’s because self knowing arrives individually and cannot happen any other way. Love never forces or demands, it does not control any of us. Love lets us enjoy the marvelous wonders of Life any way we want to do it. We are given all the time in the world to find our freedom. 

My oh my, yes I do, I do, and I always will. That’s the way it is.  And that is how I am. I love this sweet world and its overflowing ambiguity of endless unfolding magic which is being me and all that I am – and includes all that you are.  

 I like to keep things close and safely near my soul, as the treasures I have in my life are deep and dear to me. My love is here, with me always.  While I might say that each must find his own, as no one can give this treasure to another, it is also good to remind others that they are quite capable of searching their own heart wherein this treasure, this unbound joyful identity can be found.