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I tell my story from my own experiences, but, hopefully touching heart to heart, connecting in this dynamic interface with the Presence of Light, the Living Reality of us all. I am pointing to this unfolding Wonder of Being, Life itself, which we all are. I am using words that might loosen the ridged beliefs, the intellectual grip, and open the Heart to feeling this unbound joy of this Living Presence we are. It is my pleasure to use my way with words, a bit romantic, from my heart, full of feeling and hopefully full of Light.  Words can unbind the restricted, the critical, judgmental, rule oriented, conditioned beliefs that keep us from feeling the sweet freedom, the Mystery and Wonder of Life. There is Something Grand here, we are touching It all the while. It never leaves us, this Presence of God is here, we are Living It.  God is a Mystery to me, but I know we can feel the Living Love. It is the very Life of us, being all that is and all that we are.  We can live and know it, when the heart is open, willing, surrendered, giving, easy, soft, letting and trusting.

I am in love with Life.  I will dance, laugh and enjoy, because my soul Lives and moves by the forces of this Unpossessed Love that God is. I can’t do otherwise. I dare to live my way, in all I do, in the very action of my life. When I write, I love to find the right sound, to strike a chord that lights up a Hallelujah song in your Heart, just as it does in mine. Art, music, words, laughter, playful uninhibited love is Life Itself, the ongoing unfolding, unfinished experience of God Itself.  Life, Identity and Beauty is forever.  The artist’s vision is to love with delight this ever present Mystery that Life is.