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It is my joy to bring words of Love and Truth and Beauty to my world. I write from what I know for myself to be true. We learn from all that Life brings us. The hard teachings, the toughest lessons are often the ones that have proven to be most transforming, sound and real for me. One of the things I have tested, lived and proven for myself is that living from genuine trust in myself, in my honesty and innocence is where true strength is. Being vulnerable, guileless and unaffected, I am protected by an overriding Love and Goodness. This Living Light of Love has proven Itself to me, which, thus, allows me to be free and open to what ever life might bring to me. There is a powerful force in being completely exposed to this Living Presence of Life. There is a wonderful feeling of vitality, thriving and dancing, in this Joyful Heart of mine. I love this grace that found me, this Child that sends me Light from heavenly realms and takes good care of me. This honest Love that lights my way is fearless and alive to Life. I love my world mightily, I do, I do. And this Love is here, given to us, being everyone of us, this joyful Heart is within each and everyone of us, it is yours, just as it is mine.