Posted by on Oct 22, 2018 in Sandy's Blog | Comments Off on Live and Let Live

If we want to do something for others, we have to find this deep abiding Love for our Self first. Then, unconcerned, we leave it up to the rest of them to live it their way. You and I remain truly free as this Divine Identity that is not part of the collective, but is being all appearances, powerless appearances, even the antics of the collective imprisoned mind-set. The appearances, these powerless people, places and things are not outside of the Self I Am., but they cannot affect this Self I Am. Now we are unafraid to live from the Heart, here, in the Light of knowing, we are free. We dare to Live from this Singleness of this Beauty, our own honest Self-knowing. This Self is holding hands with this Living, boundless Divine Intelligence, unconfined, unleashed from the desire to adhere to the restricting rhetoric, the ideologies, the overlay of indoctrination, religious, scientific or political. The Original Self is found again, and in this discovery comes the freedom to be who we are and LIVE It, daring, boldly, divinely, wholly, totally single and alone in this world – oh yes we do – honest and true.

It is the ease of Love, it is to live and let live – to trust Life wholeheartedly. To live fully as our self – and here is the unbound joy of Life – sweet freedom is having a mind of our own. We do not cater to the collective, politically correct, communal group thinking. We are alone, complete and whole unto ourself. Thank you sweet Life, sweet magic. And yes, look, a full moon in Taurus – let it shine on you – You brighten my heart.