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Joy | Painting by Sandy JonesAn inner door, or was it a cosmic window, who knows, but something opened and the gentle light and soft breeze began to touch me. The beauty of it’s touch unloosed my heart, set me free. I was no longer afraid and I walked into the wide-open meadow of magic and delights.
It surprised me how full of whimsy, beauty, sensations, feelings, all co-mingling in divine wisdom, everything has become. And, it’s funny, I am able to live this joyous, unbound freshness in a world that can so misunderstand this untamed beauty I am. And I am just fine with all this. I live this wholeness of myself, delighted in the acceptance of all I am. This childlike uninhibited joy, this is my true Self rediscovered. Not what I thought I would find. But indeed what I am. I’m enjoying my freedom here in this new, yet ever so familiar and sacred love, undefined state of being, mind and heart.
So pleased that I cannot be and won’t be pinned down or held to any convictions, or ideologies. There is but one Primary Love and it lives here, as who I am, being all that I am. All things unfold into their own glory.
As an artist and a lover, and lover of beauty and Love, I have to express this — like a bird has to sing, or as an apple tree bears fruit. It just happens, new, alive, letting it be, the way a flower blooms or something like that.
Here too is the amazement of it all. I watch, as this unbound Spirit leads me, brings me whatever I need in order to do what I am doing. I trust my Self and Life. I’ve been the witness of this magic unfolding within me. It is clear to me. There is no denying a transforming light of beauty and youth and vitality has come into me. I am full and lifted up to the wholeness of myself. And yes, you know, I love you always.