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 So many are at battle with themselves and with each other out there in the world. But, I know intrinsically that anger and hate is never the answer. Some of us have found another way to live. We have turned around and found an abiding peace. We have found the childlike innocence of our True Self, the Divine Child that existed before we came into this world, the pristine, unconditioned Soul of us. The Soul of us, that will be with us when move on to the other side.   

This Sweet Joy and honest peace, it took me forever to find. I didn’t even know this was the answer I was looking for. But, when I found it, it was very clear, this was It.
 If I were ever to deliberately cause harm to others, I would have to relinquish this Divine Treasure.   That’s how this works. I would lose the Light of this Beauty I am, this Sacred Heart of mine, if I were to be vengeful, or dishonest, or fear driven in any way.  Nothing in this world would be worth losing this Joyous Unbound Love that found me.
I think, for me, there was a moment when I realized I had one chance to grab this Light of the Child that came to me. This Light of Love, the Child was there for me when my husband died.  I knew then, I was at a crossroad, I’d come to the Rubicon of my long search for this Light of Understanding. Life times of seeking the Truth.
Right there, at that most painful loss, with my heart broken wide open, I knew I had a choice.  I could choose to Live in the Light, Live this pristine joy of the Child that came to me then, or fall deep into the darkness. If I chose the darkness of self-pity and the world of the human, limited mind-set, full of fear, anger, remorse, guilt, victimhood, and all the rest of it –  I would slip into a hell that might last forever.
I knew it. I knew exactly what had found me, and I knew I had a choice.  

So, I lifted myself up, and deep in my heart, I was born again. And now I Live. I Live the Light of this Infinite Presence and It’s undeniable Joy, the easy balance and delight of this genuine, carefree Child of me. I don’t have to prove this to anyone, It proves Itself to me. I won’t lose the Child, not ever, not now. She is the very Life and Light of me, she is my Soul. No, I won’t give up this Living Light that has found me, not for anything. 

And I love to laugh, yes I do. Or as Popeye the Sailor Man says, “I am what I am, and that’s all that I am.” The Child that found me, She Lives, honest and Real. This Child Heart of mine, It takes good care of me. I trust this Love that is all inclusive and Loves my world mightily and loves dearly all those in it. It knows how to Love totally and wholly, rightly, with an integrity unmistakable and true, right here in the world.