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This is exactly how it was for me, stripped, raw, exposed, my heart torn open, I came back to life. I found the intrinsic wholeness of myself.  I found my own soul – the soul I didn’t even know I had lost. I found my twin flame and it was me.  I fell deeply in love with this other half of myself. It was love at first sight.  I recognized myself, she was my heart, she was the little girl I was, those years ago –  she had come back. She brought me home. Now we are one. I am complete. A union made in heaven. She is the untamed, fearless beauty of my soul. She returned my own heart to me, that precious jewel of myself, the holy Child – quantum joy as the wave and particle recognize each other.  She is my twin, my teacher, my guiding light, the way shower within me. She lives next to Reality, she walks with me, leading me aright, through this often difficult, tangible experience of life.

This is the Child that my friend William Samuel told me find. He was right. The discovery of the Child allows us to merge sweetly into this sense of being complete, at peace, contently in love with ourself and with life – all of it, just the way it is. The two became one as I realized the one I had longed for is myself, my own soul, the divine Child of myself.  That was it. Twins separated at birth, this is the Child. She allowed me to feel this wide open joy and fearless love for my world, for life, once again, as I did when I was a little girl. How divine this life adventure is. Each of us on our way back, returning  to our first love, our lost love, and that love is our very own self, the twin of ourself, the wholly, holy Child of us.  Here as we trust and live this love that finds us, we become full, rich and alive to our own inner authority, our one true love. Then, it all turns into one sweet love affaire, the whole entire adventure of life. Being in love is easy and loving you is easy.  
I woke at 4am feeling moved by these cosmic tides of love. I am awash in the watery language of my heart as the beauty of love comes to light. In the light, with the Child, the pure, pristine, unbound other half of myself, I am at peace. I fall in love with Life. Life takes me, It speaks to me, and I am lifted up, living in a new land, in the Meadow. Here, delighted by this cheerfully tranquil periwinkle night of a rose sky, here, under the opalescent moonlight, this sense of wholeness is with me.  I am moving into an even grander view of it all, lifted to ever greater heights of joy. How very nice this is and how very breathtaking it is.