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I could do nothing, helpless, I had to let go. Letting go, I could go up or I could sink down, the choice was mine. Not knowing, yet trusting Life, trusting my heart, I took up, up, toward the Light. I leaped in and dared to live, stripped, bare, exposed, vulnerable, right next to Reality, I chose up. And this living faith began to move me. And it proves Itself to me every day. When we discover that death is powerless because Life cannot die, then the doors of infinity open, then we are given the way to live, right here, in the world, feeling the great River of Life, knowing it intimately, and yielding to all it’s love, grace and wild untamed beauty. Moving with the rhythm of the power of love. Through my broken heart came a blessed Light, a glowing beauty within me that never leaves or forsakes me. It is a flowing of endless love, the vital force of an eternal love that is Life itself. Life cannot die, and we are the Living Light of this Life, whether we know it or not. Soaring high, I was shown this eternity we are, shown that death is impossible. Knowing this, brings me back to my own sweet joy, right here, to live fearless, daring, boldly and fully from my own heart – brave, graceful, trusting myself, in love and doing it my way. Here, now, many Septembers have gone by, and I am dancing to the sounds of this celestial music I hear, the song in my heart – wide open to the unbound beauty of life itself. I am touching this tenderness of love, vulnerable, resilient, giving, willing, joyful in these delightful ways that fill my soul wth a happiness, a peace that is steady and true. Sweet life, sweet light, sweet surprises, as these divine gifts continue to unfold. You’re still here, my love, you’ll always be here and so will I – And I love you –