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Fall is singing her sentimental love songs to me. Gently touched by her melancholy beauty in the cool night air, I feel my heart taken willingly into this holy place of mystery and tenderness.

I have found that this original, unconditioned awareness, we lived as children is the pure fresh moving water, the Tao of life itself. Living becomes fearless, here, in the pure waters of the Infinite.

That seems to be the unbridled delight of this Child’s state of being; Sweet and carefree, untamed, natural and easy. 

The lands of the heart cannot deny the fairylands in the days of Avalon, enchanted by the noble knights of all that is virtuous and true.  Amazed how the sailing is easy and smooth, as a gentle breeze blows here, filling our sails as we catch the wind’s sweet breath within the kisses bestowed by eternity. In unbound joy we take off for new lands and wondrous adventures.