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Sweetest of all, is the freedom. This freedom that happens, when nothing is taken personally anymore. We stand whole and alive, in the ongoing Joy of our Self.  The Chid Heart of us has no ‘skin in the game’ – and she laughs, yes she laughs in delight and freedom.

Find this Child you are and then once you find and LIVE It – everything else will fall into place. We become clear eyed as to why the ways of this worldly-time-space experience. We don’t have to buy into it any more. We are free. Liberation happens within us, it does not come from governments or agendas, programs or systems. Freedom is not about changing the way things are or aren’t, or making them as they should or should not be.  No, freedom, joy, bliss, love, happiness, it all arrives when we re-discover the Child, which LIVES here as this open pathway to love Life Itself. This Child cannot be offended, nor does it need to defend Itself, she does not care about labels or names, left or right. This glorious joyful spirit of ourself is assured of her being, knows who she is and therefore cannot take anything personally. Yet the Love is so deep and so personal and so real, mine, always mine.   Oh who can explain this wondrous love, the knowing heart of who we are, this Living, this Life, the very Soul and Light of ourself, unbound and unbeholden to time and space.

We are free, already, right now. Accepting love, living and being it, it answers as it lives.  We touch Life directly from the expansive Heart of knowing, the Infinite Presence of ourself that is above the fray and understands the reasons for the time spent in the limited view, the time confined to the false concepts of who we are, who we are not, drenched in indoctrination and conditioning. One day we are free, we know, we awaken to find the Child we are, right here, alive and well and untouched by time, never hurt, never hindered -timeless and free.  Then we break out into the open Meadow of our own exquisite Joy and the Love we are. Now, living with the bountiful wonders of this balanced Light of Life, the real identity, knowing who we are, wherein there is nothing to change, nothing to heal, nothing to fix. The Child of us is our perfect Identity, able to live in the world, sweet and easy, loving this world mightily, in all its radiant wonder, and just as it is —