Posted by on Aug 5, 2018 in Sandy's Blog | Comments Off on Summer Breeze

Was it luck, was it fate, was it divinely ordained? I really don’t know, but I am so very grateful for this most wonderful gift I was given. My youthful days growing up at the beach live unabated, blooming stronger, more abundant, all the while. Somehow the beauty of my life as a child permeates all that I am, it is wonderful. My heart, my soul, my spirt remains fresh and free, daring and alive. In the warmth and light of a summer day, I hear the song of Something Grand. As the cool sea breeze gently touches me, it brings the overtone, a sensing of the presence of the Infinite Substance. This life we are lives quite beyond this world of matter, and yet, it includes every sweet fluctuating moment and each tender, sensuous morsel of this world. Nothing is outside of Totality. Right here, all the ebbing and flowing experiences delineate the ever present Changeless Light of being. Here, where I am, I touch my life and fall deeply into this abiding tranquility, a soft quietude, an equanimity – which might be challenged but is never deceived. It’s all good.  In infinite terms – we include it all. Everyone of us is given the richness of these divine gifts. If you exist, it is yours. It is for us to find and know our own, unique, individual heart of being. The Light is within and it is who we are. We are the unbound beauty of God’s living Light.  Life is Love. We are the Living, feeling, touching, knowing of this Love. It is Infinite and All. This sweet moment is the very self you are, the life you are, the love you are.  I love you –