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Our journey to find the light of understanding includes the sweet wonders of this mystery of time and love. Finding ourself has all to do memories. It has to do with reclaiming our unbound joy of the original child of us, and the intrinsic illumination that the divine child lives. In finding our original beauty, we find the knowing heart, and its tender peace with the way of life, bumps, bruises and all. Enlightenment is very much about memories of childhood and a return to that purity and innocence, uncovering the magic of the those days, being exposed, unconditioned, open and alive to the precious scent of roses and the fresh grassy greens of living.
You brought me back to a time I’d not thought of for so long. You awaken the thoughts of glorious gowns and you pulled me back to the joys of playing “dress-up.” That’s what I called it, putting on dress up cloths and prancing in delight.  The joy of this imaginary game would occupy me for hours. I indulged happily in this time alone, time creating worlds of beauty, enchanted by fabrics and textures and fabulous imaginary fantasies to play out. Because of this love for dress up, my mother would buy me these gorgeous used gowns from the thrift shop. Yes, too big for a child, but I could get swallowed up, engulfed in the elegant luxury of these dresses. The flowing beauty, the sensuous feel, the exquisite touch of the quality and richness. It all comes back to me now. I had them lined up in my play section of my closet. How much I loved putting on those gorgeous evening gowns. The eye-hook silk buttons, the dapples of lace and the wisp of ribbons, the shining silks and satins as smooth as ice, the sweet sound off ruffles and taffetas and then those with layers of chiffon to twirl and dance and spin. Voiles, crêpe, velvet. The colors of pinks, jades, pale blues and soft turquoise, deep magenta and sapphire blue. Then adding long white gloves – I lived in a wonderland, and you, dear Adrian, just took me back.  Here I am again, in this child’s wondrous world of delights, immersed in the textures and feelings of life’s bountiful joys and pleasures. It’s all still here, alive, vibrant with lusty vitality. So much magic, always here. The beauty, spirit, the heart, the love, the child of my delightful joy – it all remains, still here. This unbound heart of mine, will always be joyfully captivated and enchanted by the touch and feel of this most extraordinary, magic world of infinite beauty, light and love.