Posted by on Aug 10, 2018 in Sandy's Blog | Comments Off on Prosperity

The richness of our heart and soul, the bountiful joy of our spirit, this is the real prosperity, this is where the real value remains everlasting. Wealth is not in matter, but in spirit. We’ve seen those who have plenty of money, all the material things they could ever want – but yet they are starving in their heart, feeling needy, fearful, angry, depleted of life and miserable. That’s real poverty. Oh yes, poverty is having lost the childlike joy of life. True wealth is a feeling of abundance, a feeling that comes from the heart of us. It is available to each of us, despite the things we have or don’t have, it’s always here, the living gift of happiness, wonder, understanding, and this, the sweetest feeling of all, a heart that is open and overflows with the fullness of love.