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This darling little boy kitty was quite feral when he first came into my yard – and into my heart. Very slowly, with lots of gentle coaxing and food, I got him to come to me. Eventually he moved in and my other cat Major Grey didn’t seem to mind. ( Major Grey, by the way, had been a lost kitten that wandered into my life some years before.) I named this new little tom cat, Muffin. Well, it’s been a few years now, Muffin is being well fed and well loved. He’s safe and happy here. He no longer roams. He’s a funny, charming cat who’s become totally comfortable living here. He obviously knows he’s found his home. 

This summer, I’ve had a bevy of delightful house guests coming and going. I thought that Muffin might get a little nervous about the commotion of people around here. But, no, not a sign of fear in him. He’s adapted very well to the flow of visiting friends. Here’s a photo of Muffin, he’s laying flat out, with his tiger spotted belly up, blissfully oblivious, on my couch